Victor Nealon – 14 Years to find out it was not your DNA

Fresh Enquiry Exposes Failings


Over 14 years ago Victor Nealon was convicted of the attempted rape of a complainant , the crown relying on identification evidence and ostensibly linking the       appellant to being a man with a “bump” on his head . The Court was advised there was no forensic evidence , the reality was something rather more concerning .       As for the “bump” despite a lot of conjecture over the years over whether Victor Nealon could have had a transient bump which could have disappeared , the           nonsensical argument

has now been exposed as medically unsupported by a leading neurosurgeon .

Strikingly 2 forensic reports now support the fact that DNA material from a male was present on the clothing and that the source of that DNA can be linked to coming form an unknown male .

That taken with the medical evidence which shows Victor Nealon could not have had a bump at the relevant day of the offence not only casts very strong doubt on the safety of his conviction but arguably goes to demonstrate that  the appellant is innocent of the conviction he  has fought against for 14 years .

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  1. What with all the false allegations in SAFARI each month and wrongful convictions on a daily basis in the COACD how many innocents are in our overcrowded prisons? This case is a travesty in Victor already serving twice the minimum tariff because he will not admit the crime, for which he now may be cleared.
    Come on you MP’s who suppose to work for the public change the laws so that only the guilty go to prison.
    Run these DNA results speculatively NOW! There could be a rapist at large. If this is the case ask, how many attacks has this culprit carried out over the last near 15 years because the police misled the court that the DNA was tested when in fact it was not. Sack the officer without pension who misled this investigation.

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