Criminal Appeals


Applying to the Court of Appeal – This is done by Direct Lodgement with the CACD . 28 Days from Conviction in the Crown Court [ Not from the date of sentence ]

From 1st October the CACD has implemented direct lodgement •This is covered by Part 39 of the Criminal Procedure Rules as amended •You will lodge directly at : Registrar of Criminal Appeals at the Criminal Appeal Office, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL, 7947 6011/6014 DX: RCJ 44451 Strand •This handy document explains the basic requirements and importantly what limited cases the new lodgement rules do not apply to

The Court provides in addition detailed guidance on completing the new appeal forms [ 8 pages ] to be accessed here :

It is assumed you will be familiar with “A guide to commencing Proceedings in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division “

Herewith is a Powerpoint of our Recent Training Session for the Law Society during Justice week .cacd law society presentation mnewby


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