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This Blog is maintained by Mark Newby and Colleagues from QS Jordans
We are specialists in Criminal Law  with particular expertise in Appeal Cases , Defending False Allegations of Abuse and Prison Law Cases . Whether or not you seek our help , we ask that when you select your  representation think carefully and ask for evidence of your solicitors track record in what are highly technical and complex cases
We undertake work on a fixed fee private basis or legal aid .
Our Track Record – Appeals 

R v Sheikh [ 2004 ] – Historical Allegations Conviction quashed

R v Grierson [2005 ] – CCRC Referral Historic Cases – Law on Delay Clarfied

R v Lay [ 2005 ] – CCRC Referral Consecutive sentences to an extended sentence [ Acted as Counsel ] 

R v Robson [ 2006 ] – Substantial Historic Case [ Acted as Junior Counsel ] 

R v Sheikh [ 2006 ] – Key decision on Historic Cases 

R v Wake [ 2008 ] – CCRC Referral on issue of alternative indictments 

R v Joynson [ 2008 ] – Historic Care Home Case conviction quashed 

R v Lawless [ 2009 ] – Murder conviciton quashed on basis of fresh expert evidence 

R v H [ 2010 ] – Law on doli incopax confirmed for historic cases

R v B [ 2010 ] – Historic Allegations quashed

R v France [ 2010 ]  – Sexual Offences quashed due to fresh evidence 

R V S [ 2010 ] – IPP quashed  

R v L [ 2012 ] – Historic Convictions quashed due to misdirections on complaint evidence [ Subsequently successfully defended Court ordered re-trial ]

R v S , B , C & R  [ 2012 ] – Sexual Offences quashed on fresh gynaecological evidence undermining original evidence of abuse  

Ali , Dennis , George , Lawless & Tunbridge v Secretary of State for Justice [ 2012 ]  – The only succesful challenge to the Govt of Ian Lawless was navigated by Mark Newby as his Solicitor . 

R v Nealon [ 2013 ] – Conviction quashed on Fresh Evidence showing DNA on Clothing related to unknown male and not appellant . 

R v Lawless [ 2015 ] – Posession with Intent to Supply CCRC Referral 

R v H [ 2018 ] Court of Appeal Northern Ireland – Historical Conviction quashed on basis of misdireciotn on complaint evidence and sense of unease followiing CCRC Referral . 

R v Z [ 2018 ] Current CCRC Referral on Non Dislcosure awaiting hearing . 

Our Track Record – Crown Court Cases

Extensive history of successfully defending Historical Allegations of Abuse 

Operation Pallial – North Wales Cases – Successfully defended all 6 Defendants Trials instructed to represent so far . 

Successful appearances in a number of other care home cases across the UK . 

Our Track Record – Judicial Reviews and Other Actions

Miscarriage of Justice Compensation Challenge Again Government – Supreme Court [ judgment awaited ] + Successfully won last test case on the scheme in 2013  in Barry George and others v SSJ

Our Track Record Prison Law – We regularly represent Clients in complex Parole Cases , Tariff Reviews and Adjudications . We have pursued a number of judicial reviews successfully for our Clients .

We don’t just represent our Clients …..we fight their corner

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