Historical Abuse

Historic Abuse Police Interviews

HISTORIC ALLEGATIONS – FACING INTERVIEW AT THE POLICE STATION These days the first you may know about facing a serious allegation will be a call or message from the police asking you to make contact with the police, the old… Read More ›

There are no winners

As published on The Justice Gap – http://thejusticegap.com/2014/02/winners/ When the former director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer introduced new guidelines to the prosecution of sexual offences, he made much of an assertion that “the pendulum” had swung too far in favour… Read More ›

Celebrity Cases and the Path to Moral Panic

Risk of moral panic over celebrity sex abuse cases The current unfolding drama surrounding the explosion of sexual allegations in a post-Savile world is providing more twists than a modern day drama although it is worth remembering that sexual allegations… Read More ›

Savile and the Future of Sexual Abuse Investigations

Mark Barlow Barrister at Garden Court North Chambers Manchester and Mark Newby Solicitor Advocate at Quality Solicitors Jordans Doncaster discuss the impact of the Savile Case and the recent decision to review the Waterhouse Inquiry into the Bryn Estyn Care… Read More ›